Thursday, February 12, 2009


test and test!!! arghhhh! this week i have passed two test! BIOCHEMISTRY AND GENETICS! i feel very sick and ridiculuos! hahaha...i dunno what i am answer..i get the paper ,read the question and wallah......!! so! that the question! i need to answer it. i grab the pen or maybe pencill and start mark it..its better than i leave the question clean and clear like before rite?? although i dunno what i am answering
i really dissapointed with biochem..although i was revise and read it time by time but i still cannot answer it well! what's wrong hum?? i have no idea about it anymore..the calculated question about the pH or whatever i think i cannot answer it! but i have done many excercise about this type of question. when i am thinking and thinking then i get the point what was wrong with me,what was the problem. i think I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE QUESTION WANT! oh! really make me feel like worse! its means that although i read how many book as i can,i make how much revision as i want,i still cannot answer if i cannot understand what the question want!
and then how about my GENETICS???? the rumours that the genetic question is very easy finally ended! i got the proof that the genetic question is very "EASY" when i take it myself..very easy untill i lost and blurr when i see these white paper! oh! ALLAH! what should i answer??? i go through the question one by one and most of them are talking about the DNA! huh! very 'sweet'! i am completely not really read and very blurr and blank with the 'si polan' that called as DNA!
and now i am only wait what's gonna be happen with both of my killer paper! pray for me that i will get pass!

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